SEPTEMBER 17, 2010

From CBC Radio’s website:

“One side wants a law against defamation of religions. The other warns that any such legislation would do far more harm than good. And both sides are clearly ignoring that old adage: Never discuss religion or politics. In fact, both sides are discussing both.

Today in Geneva, freedom-of-expression advocates from around the world warned against imposing legal restrictions on offenses against religions. And that warning is a response to an ongoing campaign at the United Nations, aimed at convincing the international body to make religious defamation illegal. The U.N. resolution was introduced by Pakistan, on behalf of the Organization of Islamic States.

John Ralston Saul is the president of Pen Canada International. He was at the meeting in Geneva — and that’s where we reached him.”

Find an audio recording of the interview here.

John Ralston Saul Speaking On CBC Radio’s “As It Happens” About Geneva Panel Decision